There’s more to me than just being a dominatrix; I live to connect with people and through that I hope to share a special bond of trust, intimacy and understanding with everyone that I play with. Without connection, we are nothing.

My name is Ruby Enraylls and I am a Seattle Dominatrix.

To be completely honest, I probably always have been. When I was as young as 3 I remember tying up my Barbies and playing fucked up games with games but we’ll get into that in a minute… I want to start this out by saying that I don’t believe that the horrible things that happen to us define us or are the “ahah!” reason that we end doing something. Although there are a lot of dark moments in my life I don’t think of them to be defining moments so much as punctuation or pivotal points where we are given the opportunity to grow from damage and flourish or be held down by the darkness. Personally, I have always picked the latter because the people around me, often those who put me in painful situations seemed to be the types of people who chose the former and I have never been the type of person who does something just because it seems easier or because I’m afraid of what the outcome might be- I picked what seemed like fun and what seemed like an adventure. So at 3 I tied up Barbies. At 5, I told my best friend, who was a girl, that I was going to marry her and I assaulted a boy who bullied her and talked my way out of trouble in such a way that shaped my perception of rules forever; They are only suggestions, as long as you have a goal that ultimately serves the greater good better than the existing rules. Thus, no matter what I did the worst that ever happened to me in school was a sigh and a polite request to not do that particular thing in front of or to those particular people again. Easy, I’m happy to not do that one thing.

It was obvious to everyone that I didn’t really fit in so I ended up growing up going to alternative schools where I was heavily encouraged to express myself through artistic and creative media. Sometimes, this meant creative writing, other times it meant macrame with jump ropes and on one particularly boring summer day it meant learning how to throw a single tail in my backyard with my mom when I was 8 years old. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I didn’t have a traditional education and as such I was allowed to learn whatever the hell I wanted that I have always had a very healthy passion for knowledge. My introduction to the internet was an absolute Godsend- Having had nearly unlimited access from age 10 onward. Oh, did I mention that this is about when things started to get a little… Odd?

When I was 10-11, I spent a lot of time going to the symphony, the Opera and the theater (about every week, actually.) Although, I really appreciated it, I began yearning for something a little… darker… I began reading Poe but then started to ache for something more modern so I sought for art on the web. As we all know, the internet is just full of porn and that is just what I got. Sure, it could have damaged me and I’m sure some will say it did but I’m inclined to disagree. Why? Because like everything that was empowering for me, it was on my terms.

The first image I remember seeing was a hand drawn picture of a wolf woman clad in leather gear whipping the cock of a wolf man who was all tied up and drooling with a ball gag in his mouth (maw?) and a traffic cone shoved up his ass. All of that was totally normal, although a little surprising to me. What was the shocker though what that the wolf’s anatomy wasn’t entirely correct. This I found to be slightly upsetting and very amusing. I assumed a man must have drawn it due to how overblown and outrageous the genitalia was. Speaking of my mother…

For as long as I can remember, my mother has spoken somewhat ill of men in an almost pitying way. While also at the same time pointing out how wonderful some of them can be as providers, pleasure objects and protectors. That being said, to her the majority of them were hapless little pigs who thought only with their dicks that in her opinion they had no idea what to do with whatsoever. Almost every morning when she drove me to school she would yell something like “Nice truck, sorry about your little dick!” or “Oh yeah, that expensive car is definitely going to make your wife happy. You just keep telling yourself that, buddy.” Naturally, my dad was absent so the phrase “Oh, he’s just a man. The poor dear.” was a staple of conversation with relation to him. When I was younger there was many people who pitied me for only having one parent, especially under the negative terms it was under but as I covered at the beginning of this story, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and I took that one step further. The more the world pushed on me, the more I pushed back. I weaponized the pain the world gave me and used it to carve out my place in the world.

While I am a very young woman, I am not short of life experience or education. I have attended university but I never saw a use for having paying thousands of dollars for a piece of paper that I wasn’t going to use. Instead, I found that my time was better spent studying alone and institutes like MIT are kind enough to provide their entire year’s curriculum (lectures, homework, quizzes, etc) online available for free. I have studied everything from medicine (psych, profiling, odd medical conditions, neurology, mental illness, chemical dependency, muscular structures, 10 types of massage, tens treatments, various psychological disorders, general medicine, nerves, joints, GI tract, blood, genetics, lie spotting, counseling, acupuncture, hypnosis, to name a few) logic, finance, business, law, social structures, religion and web dev to name a few…

When I was young, my early influences for kink were Mistress Matisse (Dominatrix and writer for the Seattle Stranger newspaper), Xenia Onatopp (the fatal seductress from Golden Eye) and random bdsm inspired images and videos I was exposed to through fashion and other fields of pop culture. It seemed like no matter what I saw, I made it kinky some how. Everything that I saw that had some element of power exchange or fetish in it, I found quite inspiring; I think I was likely imprinted on images of female power, sexual control and female domination from a very young age.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in some form of kink; I learned knots at a very young age and as soon as I could manage it myself I started tying up my Barbies and my peers. I dabbled in feminization in grade school and in high school (I used to dress my male friends up in my clothes, pluck their eye brows and put make up on them.) However, to say that my interests are just kink based would be a disservice; My modus operandi when interacting with people is with the goal of energy exchange and my favorite kind of energy is sexual energy.
To me, sexuality is sacred; It’s not something to be taken lightly or thrown at people like you’re playing catch. I love to create intimate moments and interactions with people who stretch far beyond the scope of what most people consider to be sexual. Sexual energy is created with intention, it’s not just about tits, ass and blow jobs; The brush of lips on an ear or the soft wandering touch of finger tips across a hip bone can be more intimate, sexual and enticing than any traditionally sexual act. I feel like creating moments of true intimacy and passion is my gift to the world and it’s my hope that I can share that with you.

Through out my life I’ve had a lot of struggles interacting with people because of my sexual and enveloping nature: Some people find me draining because of how much energy I give off and some people have even hated me because I am very truly an exhibitionist. Because of this I have explored many areas of the adult industry: Strip clubs, Cam show modeling, nude modeling, erotic modeling, pornography… Unfortunately none of those areas really felt thatĀ fulfillingĀ to me; It seemed half-hearted a lot of the time and I was never really given the opportunity to interact with other people in the ways that I was searching for but I believe that being a dominatrix and fetishist has allowed me to do just that.

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Ruby Enraylls dark shadows in seattle
Ruby enraylls Silver Cloud Session 3


Age: 25
Birthday: April 14th
Personality Type: ENTJ
Movie Stereotype: Femme Fatal
Education Level: Bachelor’s Degree
Languages Spoken: English, French & Javascript

Fun Fact: When I’m not dressed as a sexy dominatrix, I often don a hardhat and professionally handle fireworks and other explosives. Although it is a paying job, I consider it to be more of a hobby.

Physical Attributes

Skin Tone: Pale Peaches and Cream
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Green, occasionally grey/blue
Toe Nails: Always Painted, usually red or very light pink
Finger Nails: Short and well manicured or Medium length and red or french tip
Eye Sight: Often wears glasses, otherwise wears contacts

Physical Details

Height: 5’9″
Weight: 155 Pounds
Build: Athletic with Curves
Dress Size: 4-10, depending on the cut and brand (please ask me before purchasing!)
Bust: 39 inches, 34DD, 36DD when it comes to Agent Provocateur
Waist: 27 inches, Cinches down to 22 in a corset
High Hip: 38 inches
Low Hip/Butt: 43 inches
Shoe Size: 40.5 (9.5 US), size 41 (10 US) if narrow


Facial Piercings: Monroe on the right side
Other Piercings: Breasts, Belly Button, VHC
Tattoos: Blue sigil between breasts, blue fairy-esque wings on shoulders, blue infinity symbol on back of neck

Some of my Favorite Things

Ideal Night Out: Great food, good wine followed by attending the Symphony.
Ideal Night In: Ordering some ramen to go, curling up somewhere nice and watching a silly movie.
Favorite Food: Traditional Japanese Ramen, Sushi, Dumplings, Steak, Italian, anything with garlic or whatever is for dessert
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: A good Mojito
Favorite Beverage: French Vanilla black tea with cream and sugar
Favorite Color: Aqua (like my tattoos) or deep, dark red
Favorite Genres of Music: Classical Chamber Music, Early-Mid 1900’s Jazz, Trip hop, Female Vocals, Electronic, Downtempo, Electropop
Favorite Bands: Portishead, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Odesza, Halsey, Sia, Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Ray, Melanie Martinez, Metric, Galantis, Pretty Lights, Nine Inch Nails
Favorite Scent: Pure Vanila by Lavanilla Laboratories, Black Opium by YSL or Fresh Cream by Philosophy
Favorite Opera: Bizet’s Carmen
Favorite Piece of Clothing: Stockings, Corsets, High Heels
Favorite Jewelry: Tiffany’s Elsa Peretti Diamonds by the Yard, Color by the Yard and Pearls by the Yard. Tiffany Victoria, Ziegfeld Collection and Tiffany Enchant
Favorite Video Game: Psychonauts
Favorite Flower: Stargazer Lilies
Favorite Gems: Diamonds, Rubies, Pink Diamonds, Blue Topaz, Sapphires


Singing: I am currently taking weekly singing lessons from one of the best Opera teachers in the Greater Seattle Area. My studies of focus are Blues, Jazz, Opera, Pop and acapella. If you would like to be my patron for my lessons, the cost is $75/week and I have a variety of sheet music books and equipment on Amazon wishlist.

DiY Construction: I am always improving my dungeon space as well as my home: I am currently exploring everything from painting to plumbing, drywall to electrical, landscaping to design and everything in between. If you’d like to enable me to do more with my hands, Home Depot Gift Cards or gifts from my dungeon wishlist are always a great way to do that!

Front End Web Dev: I have loved playing with CSS since I was 11 years old and as I have gotten older, that love has just blossomed.

D&D/Roleplay Games: Again, a love of mine since a young age! Who wouldn’t want to be a Space Octopus Princess who slays her enemines with her tentacle hair?

Make Up Artistry: It’s pretty obvious from my photos that I love make up! My love for make up comes from my dad being enamored with drag queens, my love for Hollywood glamour & my second X chromosome. If you ever want to put a big smile on my pretty face, you’re welcome to get me a Sephora Gift Card.

Soap, Lotion & Body Product Creation: Like any girl my age, I like taking care of my skin and for me part of that process is to create my own potions, lotions, salves and creams. Unfortunately, I have a lot of allergies to odd things so it helps my overall health to avoid additives by creating my own products. Obviously, I don’t always do this and I do have my favorite products that do not cause me issues but it does make me very conscious of the skin and allergy issues of others.

Volunteering with various charities: I am a strong believer in giving back to the community and I am an even stronger believer in being kind. Ever since middle school I have volunteered with various charities and I still continue to do so. In the past I have been involved with: The now defunct Boomtown cafe; A free service oriented cafe that provided hot meals and indoor dining for homeless and poor families, Habitat for Humanity; At the time I was too young to help build houses so I prepared food for the workers, Wet Lands Preservation; I helped replant native plants and restore local wetland habitats and wildlife reserves, Dance Safe; For a number of years I helped provide emergency services for at risk teens and I provided unbiased information about drugs, Suicide Hotline; For a number of years I have helped support those in times of crisis by being available to talk them down and provide support in their hour of need.
I think it is critically important to give back to the world at large, don’t you?

Learning New Skills: Who doesn’t like learning?

Tall, devastating & creative Seattle Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls
Seattle Dominatrix Mistress Ruby Enraylls

Blonde and gorgeous dominatrix Ruby Enraylls