I have always had an interest in kink, for as long as I can remember. Before I knew it was kinky, I thought it was just fun. I delight in teasing and tormenting my victims, pushing their buttons and getting reactions.


Age: 28
Birthday: April 14th
Personality Type: INTJ
Movie Stereotype: Femme Fatal
Education Level: Bachelor’s Degree
Languages Spoken: English and a tiny bit of French

Physical Attributes

Skin Tone: Pale Peaches and Cream
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Hypnotic Green
Toe Nails: Always Painted
Finger Nails: Short and well manicured or Medium length often french tip. Done in gel these days
Eye Sight: Often wears glasses, otherwise wears contacts

Physical Details

Height: 5’9″
Weight: 133 Pounds
Build: Athletic with Curves
Dress Size: 2-4, depending on the cut and brand (please ask me before purchasing!)
Bust: 34 inches
Waist: 25 inches
High Hip: 34 inches
Low Hip/Butt: 37 inches
Shoe Size: 40.5 (9.5 US), size 41 (10 US) if narrow


Piercings: Breasts, Belly Button
Tattoos: Blue sigil between breasts, blue fairy-esque wings on shoulders, blue infinity symbol on back of neck

Some of my Favorite Things

Ideal Night Out: Great food followed by attending the Symphony or attending a fun show.
Ideal Night In: Ordering some ramen to go, curling up somewhere nice and watching a weird movie.
Favorite Food: Traditional Japanese Ramen, Sushi, Dumplings, Steak, Italian, anything with garlic or whatever is for dessert
Favorite Beverage: French Vanilla black tea with cream and sugar or lightly sweetend cold brew(Stok chocolate is my current favorite) or a good latte, no Starbucks please.
Favorite Color: Aqua (like my tattoos) or deep, dark red
Favorite Genres of Music: Baroque era chamber music, Early-Mid 1900’s Jazz, 90’s Alt Rock, Trip hop, Female Vocals, Electronic, Downtempo, Electropop
Favorite Bands/Artists: Portishead, Ella Fitzgerald, Handel, Hayden, Vivaldi, Billie Holiday, Odesza, Halsey, Sia, Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Ray, Melanie Martinez, Metric, Galantis, Pretty Lights, Nine Inch Nails
Favorite Scent: Black Opium by YSL
Favorite Opera: Bizet’s Carmen
Favorite Video Game: Psychonauts
Favorite Flower: Stargazer Lilies


Singing: I am currently taking weekly singing lessons from one of the best Opera teachers in the Greater Seattle Area. My studies of focus are Blues, Jazz, Opera, Pop and acapella.

Modeling: I am very passionate about creating art and one of my favorite mediums is using my body as a canvas. I am currently working with a bunch of different photographers to create lots of different styles of photos. I have been modeling since I was 18 but I didn’t get into it seriously until I was in my 20’s.

DiY Construction and gardening: I am always improving my dungeon space as well as my home: I am currently exploring everything from painting to plumbing, drywall to electrical, landscaping to design and everything in between. If you’d like to enable me to do more with my hands, Home Depot Gift Cards or certain plants perennial plants (ask me what I’m currently working on) are a great way to do that!

Front End Web Design: “Fuckery” might be more accurate than design, especially when it comes to style sheets but regardless I have loved messing with design elements since I was pretty young. I think it’s fun to create a digital space that other people can see, I like designing things in general and sometime I don’t like using my hands in the physical space so it’s nice to have other skill sets. I’ve messed with a little bit with PHP and Javascript.

D&D/Roleplay Games: Again, a holdover from my youth! Who wouldn’t want to be a Demon Goddess from hell who kills the hero with a movable moonbeam? Sometimes it’s fun to be the villain.

Make Up Artistry: It’s pretty obvious from my photos that I love make up! My love for make up comes from my dad being enamored with drag queens and my love for Hollywood glamour. If you ever want to put a big smile on my pretty face, you’re welcome to get me a Sephora Gift Card.

Volunteering with various charities: I am a strong believer in giving back to the community and I am an even stronger believer in being kind. Ever since middle school I have volunteered with various charities and I still continue to do so. In the past I have been involved with: The now defunct Boomtown cafe; A free service oriented cafe that provided hot meals and indoor dining for homeless and poor families, Habitat for Humanity; At the time I was too young to help build houses so I prepared food for the workers, Wet Lands Preservation; I helped replant native plants and restore local wetland habitats and wildlife reserves, Dance Safe; For a number of years I helped provide emergency services for at risk teens and I provided unbiased information about drugs, Suicide Hotline; For a number of years I have helped support those in times of crisis by being available to talk them down and provide support in their hour of need.
I think it is critically important to give back to the world at large, don’t you?

Learning New Skills: Who doesn’t like learning?