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Hello My Pet,

Welcome to the online domain of Online Mistress Ruby Enraylls where you will be able to give yourself over to me in exquisite online mistress sessions. You are here because you crave freedom from your ordinary burdens and you need a woman you will put your under her thumb and take agency away from you. You are hungry for a quick witted, skilled and hypnotic femme fatal who will humble you and show you the true way to submit. Life is full of decisions to be made and here you need but say “Yes Goddess.” Perhaps, you a are novice looking to explore hypnosis, domination and findom or maybe you are simply looking for a new experience altogether. Either way, I suspect you crave a connection with a dominant woman that transcends the bounds of normality; A secret world outside the box in which in you normally operate. Somewhere free of the constraints of anxiety, worrying about having to make decisions and being the keeper of your own fate with the weight of the world on your shoulders. Welcome my pet, that space is called “submission”. Whether you are seeking out deep exploration into a realm of of your darkest fantasy, to give yourself in total submission, to fantasize only about what could be, to experience something new or to discover something intangible you have found yourself here and I’m sure the reason for this meeting will make sense to both of us in due time. For now, you have found yourself at my feet and my whims- Let’s get to know each other and if it’s a good fit, explore some deep online mistress sessions.

Allow me to introduce myself

I am the mysterious feminine creature you have always dreamed of in hazy wandering lustful daydreams; The overtly commanding schoolgirl or teacher in your class who made you weak at the knees before you knew what it meant to be an adult; The deviant seductress who enraptured men in your favorite TV show and drove them to do her dastardly whims. In this space, we can be anyone we want and I am anyone you need to be me to be: I am your savior, your worst nightmare, abuser, protector, childhood monster, most fantastical day dream, anxieties, childhood hero, worst fears, the safest place in the world, the perfect drug and none of these things all at once. My name is Mistress Ruby Enraylls and it is my pleasure to have you in my claws. I have been described as the kind of woman who allows you to believe that magic exists in the world. In my world- It does and when you are at my feet, you’ll only be allowed to leave my world when I say so. I am a passionate woman in all things I hold dear: I am a refreshingly intelligent conversationalist, wickedly funny, intuitive with the application of skills and other-worldly in both looks and demeanor. I am a modern day renaissance woman, a force to be reckoned with and devastating femme fatale. As a woman I am wired differently; I am calculating but incredibly charming. I radiate seductive and erotic energy that will almost literally put you under a spell if you aren’t careful- don’t worry though, the well-being of my playmates matters to me.  -Online Findom Ruby Enraylls 



You know you need more of me, I'm what you crave. You can't resist me, can you?

Brainwashing Mantra – Give Me Whatever I Want

You can’t resist me, you never could. Now you have no choice. Give me what I want. I’ll make it easy by putting you under my spell. Good boy. Now repeat after me “I am a weak minded, useless man who needs the direction and guidance of women to shape me. Thank you, Mistress Ruby...

The post Brainwashing Mantra – Give Me Whatever I Want appeared first on You Will Obey.

The post Brainwashing Mantra – Give Me Whatever I Want appeared first on Seattle Dominatrix Ruby Enraylls.

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