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Mind Controlled Teasing Right to the Edge

Mind Controlled Teasing Right to the Edge

Look directly into the spiral, slave. I’m going to drive you to the edge of control but you’re not allowed to spill over it, you understand? You have to play my little game, pay close attention. Watch closely and fall under my spell. You won’t be able to look away and you won’t be able to cum unless I let you, until I want you too, if I want you too. That’s a big if, isn’t it? Maybe I’ll just keep you in limbo forever. Right on the edge, without any control over your own body.
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You Can’t Resist My Mesmerizing JOI

Mmm…. fresh meat! Are you ready to be teased relentlessly under my hypnotic control? You like having pussy in your face? Pussy that you can’t have? I bet you’ve dreamt of this – so close, yet so far away. Are you touching your cock yet? You should be – it would be rude not to….

Tease & Denial Clip: Red Light, Green Light! Stroke it!

Up and down, that’s a good slave. Stroke your cock at my command. I’m going to tease you relentlessly while you stroke. Red light, green light – you remember that game as a kid, right? Stroke your cock at my command and stop when I command you to. Even if you’re at the edge of…

POV Facesitting: Want to be my #1 Slave?

You want to be my #1 slave? Please me. I know you want to. You did such a god job learning to worship my ass, so learn fast. Every part of you is my property and I’ll do with it as I see fit. Your cock is a nice playtoy for me and I like…

Goddess Worship Clip: Beg to Kiss These Lips

You’ve been begging for this moment. I’ve heard you, I’ve decided to be a little bit merciful and because someone asked nicely I decided to share. You want me, don’t you? You think you deserve it. Beg me, to get a glimpse of what’s under my silk panties. Go ahead, I want to hear you…

Footjob Clip: A Slave Tormented & Trampled for Fun!

Get on the ground, slave! Stay still and stop squirming! You know what’s coming and there’s nothing you can do about it. Four feet are better than two though, aren’t they? But these feet aren’t going to be quite so nice to you. Oh, you’ll love it, dirty foot slut! Our nasty, dirty, filthy domme…

Smothering Clip: Beg to Worship my Ass in Leggings

You did such a god job learning to worship my ass, I’m going to give you a reward.. That reward is learning to please me. Your cock is a nice playtoy for me but I don’t want to play with it all the time, sometimes I want it be all about me. Okay, so it’s…

Smother Clip: Mistress Smothers You to Remind You Who is Boss!

HEY! There’s been too much back talk and too much… Staring around these parts. If you’re going to stare I’m going to show you how to do it right. You understand me? I’m going to press this beautiful ass right up against your face and make you learn to appreciate it or gasp for trying….

Pussy Tease Clip: Wifey Teases You Before a Date

Hi hubby! Don’t I look hot tonight? Look how slutty I look tonight! I’m going out on a date, but not with you. Sit down and look at how smoking hot I am and listen to me talk at length about the man I’m going out with and all the things I like about him…

JOI Clip: You Better Not Cum To This!!!

I know you want me. You little dirty perverts and I know you think you deserve to do whatever you want with your cock, don’t you? Well guess what, you don’t. You’re not in charge anymore. You want to be owned by a gorgeous Goddess like me? Well then you’re going to have to start…

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